Welcome to CafeIntrigue – or “The Caf“.

My name is Dan Byrnes, I (and some of my trusted colleagues) created this page because many of our family and friends constantly ask us why our viewpoints on world affairs sometimes greatly differ from those they see and hear in the mainstream media (MSM). It is not because we “wear tinfoil hats” and suspect that everything the media pushes is a conspiracy theory. It is because we read an enormous amount and constantly identify irregularities between MSM narratives, and reality. Through independent and holistic research it becomes plainly obvious that most MSM outlets are orchestrated by our governments who want a particular agenda espoused regardless if it challenges the truth – or the public’s integrity. And it can become quite confusing, many times resulting in total ignorance of big-government’s real objectives.

All posts on CafeIntrigue are our own ideas formed through wide-focused research. We do not work, or speak for any Government Department, nor are we part of some secret Social Engineering section. Our agenda is simple: to penetrate the fog of established media and provide our readers a platform from which to conduct their own independent research.

Some of you may not agree with our posts, that is fine. We encourage constructive feedback that can help us all piece together the intricate puzzles designed by government sponsored media (MSM) to redirect focus from potentially nefarious actions. We also don’t expect you to take everything we have to say as Gospel. The purpose of CafeIntrigue is to inspire individual research to broaden your (and our) knowledge on things that just don’t seem right, or accurate. We have thick skins and enjoy being proven wrong because it builds our (and your) knowledge base. So challenge us. Don’t be scared, but please, don’t be rude.

We are all former soldiers from a number of coalition military’s and so many of our posts will be concerned with military operations, politics, geopolitics and Open Source Intelligence (OSI) analysis. We are also all God-loving/fearing, 2-A supporting conservatives, so don’t be surprised to see some posts regarding religion as well.

The world is a wondrous place, full of exciting and sometimes terrifying elements. But through education we can quell our fears. This is the crux of CafeIntrigue: education, not indoctrination (for all of us).

We hope you enjoy your time here, and look forward to hearing from you along the way.

Thanks for your time.


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